Dusty Donuts - Hot 'n Fresh Mini Donuts!

Dusty Donuts is a family owned business located in Chapel Hill, NC. We serve Hot ‘n Fresh mini donuts for Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Private Parties and Festivals.

Hot ‘n Fresh mini-donuts prepared and dusted before your very eyes. Served with your choice of fresh roasted coffee, hot cocoa, sweet tea or fresh squeezed lemonade.

Reward your employees, entertain your guests, recognize your top producers or just sit back and enjoy a bag of your own!

The aroma attracts 'em, the action fascinates 'em, and the great taste keeps 'em coming back!

Check out our calendar to plan your next Dusty Donuts adventure!!



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Dusty Donuts loves our Donutters! We have a new gallery of all the fun! Plus our video!

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