Our Story

Went to Minnesota to visit family and came home with a mini-donut machine!

So, we were on a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota in December, 2008 to visit family and see our Carolina Hurricanes play hockey against the Minnesota Wild. While on the plane, we struck up a conversation with a couple also heading home for the holidays and to see the hockey game. The lady commented that you could also get mini donuts at the game. Folks that grew up in Minnesota also grew up eating mini donuts.

When we arrived at the game, we had to find that mini donut stand. While walking around the concourse, I spied a young lady selling mini donuts. She just took off after that poor girl and her donuts. In her haste, she forgot that she didn’t have any money, so she dragged that poor girl back to me and I had my first mini donut. WELL, that was it. Just like they say, you can’t eat just one!

I was in trouble from that first donut and the second and the… well, you’ll understand when you try one!

On another quest…We learned about coffee!



On our quest for a great fresh roasted cup of coffee, our friend Jim from Green Mountain Coffee suggested we call his old buddy Robby Roberts from Joe Van Gogh. After we visited their shop in Hillsborough we knew we had found the right blend of people and coffee for Dusty Donuts. Please visit these fine folks at www.joevangogh.com.



We were standing around the donut machine ( eating donuts and drinking coffee!! HELLO!) wondering what to call this new venture when we realized that not only do we cook donuts, but we then "dust" them with cinnamon sugar, chocolate sugar or powdered sugar!


Let's Get "Dusted"!



Mini Donuts by the Dozen
"Dusted" with cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar or chocolate sugared

Coffee Hot or Iced

Hot Chocolate

Mocha Hot or Iced

Sweet Tea

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Bottled Water

and other assorted beverages on request